Rasta Phil

Mark Wahlberg once recalled that the first 'celebrity' he had ever met was Rasta Phil, a Trinidadian DJ from his Boston neighborhood who was famous for 'spreading the good reggae beat' and hosting wild parties in a former fire hall which he called the Firehouse. Eventually the scene died. Why? The Firehouse burned down.

[Roused by an alarm in December 1984, British firemen in Arklow (in County Wicklow) raced to their posts -- and found that the burning building was their own fire station. "The lads found their equipment and protective clothing had been destroyed," Chief Fire Officer Michael O'Neill recalled, "and we watched the station burn to the ground." O'Neill was asked how a fire could rage unnoticed in a fire station. "Christmas," he explained, "is always a busy time for us." (It was in fact the second time the station had burned down in recent years.)]

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