Harvey Keitel: Solidarity

During the production of Holy Smoke, Harvey Keitel was obliged to wear a red dress and lipstick on the set for several days while his 'red dress scenes' (in which his character plays mind games with a young woman while attempting to deprogram her) were shot. One day, Keitel was amused to discover that the crew's male members, in solidarity, had all arrived at work.. wearing women's dresses.

[Keitel's feminine side? One day on the set, Keitel and Kate Winslet laughed about how disciplined they were -- "exercising, eating the right foods to keep our energy levels up. We'd sit and fantasise about the first thing we'd do after the shoot. I said mine was going to patisserie Calerie in Old Compton Street, Soho, and eating a huge basket of croissants." And Keitel? "He said 'I'm going to Paris and doing exactly the same thing'."]

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