Biding Time

Having grown up in China, Time magazine founder Henry Luce idolized Chiang Kai-shek, who, after losing China to the Communists, was forced into exile in Taiwan, where he was embraced as a hero.

Years later, while working in Hong Kong for Time, the celebrated journalist Stanley Karnow accompanied Luce (his boss) to... Taiwan.

On their way to the Palace Hotel in Taipei, Luce was annoyed to learn that their luggage was missing: "I think they've lost our bags," he told Karnow angrily. "It won't be the first thing they've lost," Karnow drily replied.

Within a year, Karnow later recalled, he was "no longer working for Time."

[Nigel Rees once recalled seeing a British Airways poster emblazoned with the slogan "Breakfast in London, Lunch in New York" -- beneath which someone had added: "Luggage in Bermuda!"]

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