Why was Larry Clark's 2001 film Bully released unrated? "We couldn't get an R," Clark once explained. "The MPAA

[Motion Picture Association of America] shot us down. We asked them, 'What do we have to do? What's your advice?' They sent back this fax (I've still got it), which says, 'Our advice to America is: Hide your children!'"

[Clark passed on the offer of an 'NC-17' rating. Ironically, more theaters will screen an 'Unrated' film.]

[Clark, no stranger to violence, once got into a fight at a card game after shooting speed. "Do you like to fight?" he was asked. "I don't mind," he replied, before pistol-whipping and shooting one of his assailants. Kids rings true for another reason too: Clark found a 'kid' to write the dialogue.]

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