Uma Thurman Interview

Uma Thurman once did an interview with Premiere magazine. Parrying a question about thematicism in her films, she suddenly stopped and, with a glint in her eyes, asked, "Aren't you really interested in, like, finding an assistant director who'll say I'm a real bitch?"

[Thurman was a mischievous child at heart. As a girl, she once snuck into Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange with some friends (and was summarily kicked out).]

[As a child Uma was obsessed with Barbie dolls. "I was just obsessed with them as these icons, even though their proportions meant that they would never menstruate and all that stuff we know now. I played with them for hours and made them into sex slaves. They had boyfriends, and they were addicted to them, and then some other guy would come and lock them in a room." Uma's favorite fortune-cookie message? "Remember the lesson, forget the experience."]

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