David Beckham: Hairy Logic

In the summer of 2001, David Beckham (then a Manchester United midfielder) abandoned his trademark Mohawk haircut, explaining that he was concerned about children copying him and getting into trouble. So what new style did Beckham adopt instead? He shaved off half of his left eyebrow (and later shaved three lines in his eyebrow to acknowledge his sponsor, triple-striped Adidas)!

["While other World Cuppers were waiting at the airport in Tokyo for their wives and girlfriends, David Beckham of the English team was waiting patiently for his hairdresser," the San Francisco Examiner reported in June 2002. "His wife, Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, noticed her man's trademark mohawk needed a good tending to after seeing his team's victory against Denmark and flew his personal stylist, Adian Phelan, to Japan for an emergency coif. Phelan commented upon arriving in Japan, 'David has obviously been putting his football first.'".. Beckham's hair changed again in 2004: "I was talking to my mum," Victoria Beckham remarked, "and she said, 'You know the only person who's had that haircut other than David?' I said, 'Who?' and she said, 'Jesus'!"]

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