Kinder Surprise?

In August, 1997, Kevin Spacey spoke with the Daily Telegraph's Mick Brown:

"He is as guarded on the subject of his life off the screen as he is eloquent about his life on it," Brown reported, "which can make him an extremely elusive man to interview. He is prepared, for example, to tell you that he lives in New York, but not which part of New York.

"By the end of our conversation I have no more idea of whether Spacey is single, married or a monastic celibate than I did at the beginning. The closest he comes to any kind of revelation about his personal life is when I ask what he thinks about as his head hits the pillow last thing at night.

"'When is she coming to bed...' He laughs. Who is she? 'Ah...' He arches an eyebrow. 'You never know...'"

[Spacey habitually offered an actor's justification for his reticence. "The less you know about me," he explained, "the easier it is to convince you that I am that character on screen."]

[Crowe was among the celebrities who endorsed Wallace And Gromit's "Wrong Trousers Day" (on which Brits were encouraged to raise money for hospitals by wearing trousers, such as shorts or pyjama bottoms, which did not match the rest of their outfits) on July 4th, 2003.]

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