Tired Student?

At the age of 14, following a domestic dispute with his sister, Kevin Spacey was sent by his parents to Northridge Military Academy.

One day a few months after his arrival, Spacey got into an argument with a classmate. In accordance with school policy, both students were taken to the campus boxing ring for a supervised bout.

After being kicked by his opponent, Spacey grabbed a tire from the edge of the ring and threw it at him.

Thus it was that Kevin Spacey was expelled from Northridge Military Academy -- less than a week after he had been awarded the school's leadership medal.

["I didn't like the mentality of military school," Spacey recalled. "I didn't like its violence, and I responded to being hit in the only way I knew how, which was to hit back, and I got thrown out. And I was f---ing delighted."]

[Spacey, a versatile performer, once rotated through all the parts in David Rabe's "Hurlyburly".]

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