Composer Angelo Badalamenti, a frequent David Lynch collaborator, had a small cameo in Blue Velvet:

"I was the piano player during Isabella Rossellini's club sequence. I wanted to get my face on camera, and Isabella kept blocking it. So every time she would move to the right, I would go just a little bit further to the right to get into frame. Then she'd go to the left, and I'd go more and more to the left. Suddenly, David yells 'Cut!'

"Isabella said, 'What's the matter David? Am I doing okay?' And he said, 'Oh, Isabella, you're doing absolutely wonderfully. But would you mind moving two steps to the left, because Angelo's going to fall off of the piano stool!'"

[Badalamenti's character in Mulholland Drive was based on a real person: "...years ago I was playing piano for this singer, and she invited me to her home. She wanted me to have dinner with her husband. So I go to this place, which has a two-mile driveway up to this mansion, with all of these Rolls Royces parked outside of it. I go inside, and there's this long dinner table that's only set for four people. Butlers and maids are around it. So the singer introduces me to her husband. Let's just call him 'Joey'... I went to shake his hand, and he didn't want to. He had the sternest look about him. We're sitting at the dinner table, and he doesn't say a single word for the first half hour. So to break the ice, I said to him, 'Joey, you've got a fantastic home. What kind of work do you do?' He doesn't answer. Then I said, 'Are you a builder?" He looks up at me with these eyes, with the same stare I have in the film, and he says, "Sort of." A half hour later, I said, "I've never been in a home that had waterfalls before. And look at the masonry. Are you a mason?' And he stared at me with those eyes and said: 'Kind of.'" Dinner... and four words of fine conversation.]

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