"In Paris, James and Gloria Jones's friend Jean Cartel owned a popular bar and restaurant down a side street in St Germain. For a long time this establishment and its owner had been terrorized by an old Romanian woman who stood outside in a dirty dress playing a squeaky mandolin and occasionally shouting obscenities through the doorway. Castel complained about her to anyone who would listen. She was ruining his business and her music was driving him insane. Castel announced to his friends that he was going to take a much-needed vacation in Tahiti.

"About twenty-five of his friends, led by the Joneses, put up 100 dollars apiece and bought the Romanian woman a round ticket to Tahiti the day before Cartel was due to leave Paris. He took his plane and many hours later he landed at the airport in Tahiti. He descended the ramp and almost collapsed at the sight which greeted him: the Romanian woman strumming her mandolin and saying, 'Welcome to Tahiti, Monsieur Cartel!'"

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