In 1959, while Fidel Castro's communist rebels were fighting Fulgencio Batista's soldiers for control of the country, Johnny Weissmuller visited Cuba to take part in a celebrity golf tournament.

On his way to the course with several friends and bodyguards, their car was abruptly surrounded by a gang of guerrillas. Having disarmed the guards, they pointed their rifles at Weissmuller and the rest of his party.

What would Tarzan do? Weissmuller gallantly rose up, beat his chest, and let out Tarzan's famous jungle yodel. The guerrillas, recovering from their initial shock, recognized the film star. "Tarzan! Tarzan!" they cried. "Bienvenido! Welcome to Cuba!"

[Incredibly, the potential kidnapping turned into an autograph party, following which Weissmuller was triumphantly escorted to the golf course.]

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