No Kidding

Twentieth Century Fox chief Darryl Zanuck cast Robert Evans as bullfighter Pedro Romero in the studio's adaptation of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises after seeing him dancing at the legendary nightclub El Morocco.

Zanuck later stood up for Evans when the rest of the cast implored the director, via telegram, to replace him: "The kid stays in the picture," Zanuck pronounced. "And anybody who doesn't like it can quit!"

[Evans later used the classic line as the title of his autobiography.]

[The future studio chief got his start in acting courtesy of actress Norma Shearer, who, according to Evans, spotted him poolside, noted a resemblance to her late husband, studio chief Irving Thalberg, and had Evans cast as Thalberg in the 1957 Lon Chaney biopic Man of a Thousand Faces.]

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