"Eddie Cantor and Georgie Jessel were on the same bill on a vaudeville unit," Joey Adams once recalled. "When they arrived in town, Jessel saw the billing, which read: 'Eddie Cantor with Georgie Jessel.'

"Georgie berated the manager, Irving Mansfield. 'What kind of conjunction is that? Eddie Cantor with Georgie Jessel?' Irving promised to fix it.

"The next day the marquee read: 'Eddie Cantor but Georgie Jessel.'"

[Jessel once chartered a plane to take him from Cleveland to New York because he had a date and no commercial flight could get him there in time. "Due to the low ceiling we couldn't land, and kept circling for more than an hour," Adams recalled. "Tension mounted, and conversation in the plane ceased. 'My luck,' I murmured. 'We'll get killed and you'll get top billing.'"]

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