Alan Hansen and Ian Wright - BBC broadcasting blooper

Following England's loss to Brazil in the 2002 World Cup, the BBC apologised for accidentally broadcasting comments made by commentators Alan Hansen and Ian Wright (thinking they were off the air).

Digital viewers saw their screens go blank, but could still hear the panel discussing the game. "Seaman [the British goalkeeper] was f---ing five yards off his line!" Wright cried. "And what the f--- was he [coach Sven Goran Eriksson] doing taking Michael Owen off?"

Hansen also got himself into hot water: Asked which match was coming up next, he helpfully replied: "It's the f---ing Krauts!"

[A BBC spokesman later attributed the blunder to a "technical fault": "Obviously Gary

[Gary Lineker], Alan, Peter

[Peter Reid] and Ian were unaware they were on air. It was a private conversation between friends and no offence was intended."]

[In 2003, Britain psychologist John Castleton identified "End of Season Affective Disorder" among soccer fans. "Football fans clearly hold a deep-rooted relationship with their team," he explained. "As a result, like any other close bond, the sudden removal of that central pillar could cause an existential crisis. Other fans will feel a void, or emptiness or loss." At Castleton's behest, a helpline was set up, enabling fans to listen to goal celebrations and other football-related sounds.]

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