James Baker: Enron Prize

Former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker was pleased, in 2001, to have his public-policy institute's "Enron Prize" for excellence awarded to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan. Baker was rather less pleased, 19 days later, to have Enron declare bankruptcy, unleashing the largest financial scandal in American history.

[Months after George Bush lost the 1992 election that James Baker began lobbying Kuwait on Enron's behalf? 5... Chances that a U.S. senator received campaign contributions from Enron between 1997 and 2002? 3 in 5... And our favorite: Percentage of the 145 lawyers in the offices of Houston's U.S. Attorney who were recused from the Enron case in January? 100!]

[Among the names for Enron's schemes to manipulate California's electricity market? Death Star, Fat Boy, and Get Shorty.]

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