Brass Tax?

Alan Greenspan met his first wife, Joan Mitchell, on a blind date organized by a friend:

"We talked a great deal about music," Mitchell later recalled. "He told me about the Henry Jerome Band [with whom he had once played] and all that, and later, in fact, we went to the hotel where the band was playing, and I met the band members. They told me they knew Alan wouldn't stay with them forever..."

Why not? "Because he was just too good at doing their taxes."

[Many of Greenspan's most important speeches were conceived or reworked in the bathtub. For years, he would rise around five-thirty and spend an hour or two sitting in the bath, reading and writing. Greenspan, who started taking baths after he injured his back in the early 1970s, claimed that his I.Q. was fifteen points higher at five-thirty in the morning than at five-thirty in the afternoon. ("Things do get wet," Mitchell once declared. "I'm amazed that his staff is able to read his chicken scratches, one word bleeding into the next...")]

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