Eugene Mirman: Friend in the Bathroom

After a show one night comedian Eugene Mirman was tying his shoe in a public bathroom when another man walked in.

"What are you up to?" the stranger asked.
"I'm just tying my shoe, if you need to pee, I can move," replied Eugene.
"You wanna get a beer?"
"Maybe, when I'm out of the bathroom," Mirman said.
"I'm in the bathroom!" the man suddenly exclaimed.
"I know," Mirman replied. "I am also in the bathroom."

At this point Mirman looked up -- and realized that his new 'friend' had been talking on his cell phone!

[A similar tale is told of Howie Mandel.]

[In 2000, 28 of Warsaw's 42 public washrooms were leased to business people, for nominal rents in exchange for renovations and a commitment to allow the public to use the facilities freely. One woman began selling lunches consisting of Polish dumplings, side salads and piping-hot coffee. Another opened a blues bar.]

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