Marxist Irony

"The key to understanding why Marx is tittering in Highgate Cemetery is the difference between the words Marxian and Marxist. The former refers to those who faithfully study all his works, specifically his analytical writings about the dynamics of capitalism; the latter is the reductive Bolshevism that emerged in the last century, shaped by Lenin's pamphlet on imperialism and these days incorporating a wide span of belief, including the fringes of fascism.

"Marx recognised this trend. On hearing of the establishment of a Marxist party in France, he famously said: 'Je ne suis pas marxiste'."

["...in volume II of Das Kapital Marx calculates a numerical scheme of a capitalist economy which does not run into crisis and enjoys perpetual growth. The later volumes were published after his death, after Engels assembled Marx's notes. The famous words about the tendency to a falling rate of profit giving rise to the end of capitalism is hardly mentioned in volume III, argues Desai, and mentioned only as a possibility in volume I and in the Communist manifesto. So this misconception, misreading, or perhaps highly selective reading, of Marx has led to a vulgar simplificaton of whatwas a complex and nuanced body of work."]

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