Benny Pincher?

One day Jack Benny, famed for his role as a violin-playing miser, used a pay toilet in his hotel lobby before jumping into a cab and heading off. He soon realized that he had dropped his wallet in the cubicle, however, and asked the driver to turn around.

Back in the rest room, Benny peered through the gap below the door and saw his wallet lying inside. Lacking a dime to get into the cubicle, he slipped under the door and was lying flat on his stomach, reaching for his wallet, when another man entered the room.

The newcomer recognized the tightwad of all tightwads apparently attempting to sneak into a pay toilet and Benny, despite a valiant effort, was quite unable to convince him otherwise...

[What concession earned $862,000 in five months during the Chicago World's Fair in 1933? The rest room -- at 5 cents per visit!]

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