Bondage Room (very long)

While interviewing business owners for a story on the revitalization of Tampa's Kennedy Boulevard (a busy street populated with a healthy supply of gas stations, strip clubs, and liquor stores) one day, Jim Kenyon found himself in an old wood-frame house which had been converted into a full-range lingerie shop.

The proprietor gracefully gave Kenyon a tour of the establishment, culminating in The Bondage Room. This, of course, was full of whips, chains, handcuffs, and torture devices.

The tour completed, Kenyon asked the proprietor whether he had any interesting anecdotes to pass along. He certainly did:

He was working early one Saturday morning when several silver-haired ladies appeared on his front porch. "I've been away from Tampa for 20 years," the group leader explained, "and I'm just back in town for the weekend. I want to show my friends around your shop. You see, this is the house I grew up in."

The proprietor, having tried to discourage the women, reluctantly agreed to show them around. As the tour progressed and each display elicited a disturbed "Oh, my" however, he decided to cut things short and send the visitors on their way.

"OK, we've seen enough, but I just want to show my friends one more thing and we'll go," the leader declared -- whereupon she walked straight to The Bondage Room, opened the door, raised her hands to her cheeks, and exclaimed: "My bedroom!"

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