Michael Caine: Hampstead Holiday

Jay Leno once asked Michael Caine about his so-called wild days: "Was there a wildest weekend that you remember?" he wondered.

"There was a wildest weekend that I don't remember," Caine replied with a laugh. One Saturday evening during a London run of The Long, The Short and The Tall Caine had gone out on the town with Peter O'Toole.

The actors later awoke together in bed in "some strange place... fully clothed, above the sheets." When a strange woman entered the room, they asked her where they were. Hampstead, she replied. Hampstead?

O'Toole then looked at his watch and, wondering whether it was morning or night, asked the woman what day it was. Her reply? "It's Monday!"

[The previous 36 hours was a complete blank. Indeed, the only thing the men ever learned about that weekend was that they had both been banned for life from a fast food pizzeria in Leicester Square. (Leno asked Caine whether he had ever found out who the woman was. No, Caine replied. Was she attractive? "She wasn't attractive enough to find out who she was!")]

[Through much of the 1960s, Michael Caine consumed 80 cigarettes and two bottles of Vodka every day. (He eventually quit smoking after a lecture from Tony Curtis.)]

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