Remote Viewing

Following Princess Diana's tragic death in 1997, psychic 'remote viewers' received many requests to explain what had happened in the tunnel where Diana's car had crashed while fleeing from paparazzi.

Incredibly, Diana's astrologer (Penny Thorton) claimed to have had two 'precognitive dreams' in which she had seen scenes from the accident.

Skeptical? The astrologer's insights were published in her book With Love From Diana -- in 1995, two years before the accident!

[Not surprisingly, her warnings went unheeded by Diana. Her last words? "My God. What's happened?"]

[In 1972, shortly after the CIA began to experiment with remote viewing, a CIA psychic produced a picture of a suspicious site in Kazakhstan. Though satellite photos (incredibly) verified the report, "one group within the agency refused to look at the Semipalatinsk data, objecting to the unscientific methodology. Another group allowed that the data might be real but called the process 'demonic.'" Other viewers produced remarkly accurate descriptions of Soviet weaponry.]

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