No Butts?

On November 21, 2002, the Houston Rockets faced the undefeated Dallas Mavericks in a memorable NBA basketball game. Before the tip-off, TNT color commentators Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith made a curious bet. Barkley, declaring that Rockets center Yao Ming would never score more than 19 points in an NBA game, agreed to kiss Kenny Smith's ass if he was ever proven wrong.

Though the Mavericks lost the game, Yao Ming scored 20 points -- and notched a remarkable 16 rebounds.

After the game, the bet was resolved -- when Kenny Smith brought a donkey onto the set, and Charles Barkley kissed it!

[During a trip to Hawaii one year, the University of Louisville Cardinals scheduled a practice session in a community center on Maui. Unfortunately, when the Cardinals arrived, they discovered that no one had brought any basketballs. As the coaches and players argued about what they should do, a young man arrived at the gym with an old, beat-up ball. Someone explained the predicament and asked whether he would lend them his ball or agree to share it. He said no. Would he sell it? Though the bidding went from $15, to $20, to $30 and then to $50, he still refused. Eventually the Cardinals arranged for some basketballs to be brought to the gym. Some time later, as the visitor prepared to leave, one of the Cardinals told him he was "pretty dumb" to turn down so much money. "Yeah," he replied, "but I'm smart enough to take a basketball along when I practice!"]

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