Peter Cook: Milk Flake

"In 1967 Kenneth Tynan had Peter Cook, the Pinters

[Harold Pinter and his wife] and Princess Margaret and her husband round to watch Jean Genet's Un Chant d'Amour.

"It turned out to be uncomfortably homoerotic. As they watched male members in all states of arousal on the screen, 'silence was gelid in the room'.

"As Tynan relates it, 'Suddenly the inspired Peter Cook came to the rescue. Chant d'Amour is a silent film, and he supplied a commentary, treating the movie as if it were a long commercial for Cadbury's Milk Flake Chocolate... Within five minutes, we were all helplessly rocking with laughter, Princess M. included.'"

["The evening was rescued and afterwords, Tynan 'hugged Peter for one of the funniest improvisations I have ever heard in my life.'"]

[Tynan once compared George C. Scott's profile to "the steely prehensile outline of an invariably victorious bottle-opener."]

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