Dick Cheney: Power Politician

In 2001, the U.S. Navy was asked to pay the electricity bill for Vice President Dick Cheney's home in Washington. The supposed size of the bill? $186,000 a year -- about 35 cents per minute!

(During the reconstruction of Iraq, Halliburton -- of which Cheney had recently been CEO -- overcharged the government by as much as sixty-one million dollars in the course of buying and transporting fuel from Kuwait into Iraq.)

["We are supposed to be conserving energy," Jay Leno noted. "How many times are they shocking him back to life? There are two people that live in the house! What, are he and Bush electrocuting guys in the basement now?" "President Bush admitted that he is a friend of the electrical industry," Leno later remarked: "He said, 'I owe them a lot and if it wasn't for the electrical college, I wouldn't be president!'"]

[A Pentagon audit in the early 1990s -- which discovered military contractors charging thousands of dollars for ashtrays and wrenches -- concluded that the Army was overpaying even for such items as "manually powered fastener-driving impact devices" (hammers), "portable hand-held communications inscribers" (pencils), and "combat emplacement evacuators" (shovels).]

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