Whonh! Whonh! Whonh!

Larry Hagman once purchased a Malibu home next to that of Burgess Meredith (whom he had known, and occasionally worked with, for some forty years). When his alterations yielded a home two inches higher than planned, Meredith sued and, after a prolonged legal battle, lost.

Some time later, Meredith, originally a Shakespearean actor, fell upon hard times and was obliged to accept the embarrassing role of the Penguin on the campy hit television series "Batman"...

Apprised that Meredith was planning a large party (to which he of course had not been invited), Hagman ordered fifty flags emblazoned with the Penguin's image. Then, on the day of the party, he flew the flags above his home and waved to his livid neighbor's guests while a looped tape of the Penguin's trademark cries blasted from his windows.

[The men later made amends.]

[Though he was allergic to cigarettes, producers made Meredith smoke anyway; he invented the Penguin's "Whonh-Whonh" sound to cover up his coughing.]

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