When a fire erupted in the hotel at which Vice President Teddy Roosevelt was staying one day, he was ordered to head down to the lobby along with the other guests. After some time, still unable to return to his room, he protested to a hotel official. "But I'm the vice president!" he exclaimed. "Oh, that's different," the man replied, allowing Roosevelt to pass. As he headed up the stairs, however, the other man started after him. "Wait a minute," he called. "What are you vice president of?" "Why, of the United States, of course," Roosevelt replied. "Then get the hell back down there," the official cried. "I thought you were vice president of the hotel!"

["They don't hold White House lunches the way they used to at the beginning of the century," Edmund Morris once recalled. "On Jan. 1, 1907, for example, the guest list was as follows: a Nobel prizewinner, a physical culturalist, a naval historian, a biographer, an essayist, a paleontologist, a taxidermist, an ornithologist, a field naturalist, a conservationist, a big-game hunter, an editor, a critic, a ranchman, an orator, a country squire, a civil service reformer, a socialite, a patron of the arts, a colonel of the cavalry, a former Governor of New York, the ranking expert on big-game mammals in North America and the President of the U.S. All these men were named Theodore Roosevelt."]

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