Funky Tunes?

In 2003, Aaron Funk, who normally recorded under the name Venetian Snares, released a curious electronica album entitled Nymphomatriarch comprising songs derived from a curious source: noises which he and his girlfriend (Rachael Kozak) had recorded during their love-making sessions.

"It's essentially alchemy, shaping sex into a new form," Funk explained. "It's weird to deconstruct the sounds of sex. It makes you conscious of a lot of stuff you'd normally ignore. I remember thinking, like, oh, that slap will make a good snare drum. Or, wow, that was a freakish set of grunts and moans -- I want to make that into a choir later!"

[Among the songs? "Hymen Tramp Choir," "Pervs," and "Blood on the Rope".]

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