Viggo Mortensen: Viggorous Acting

In one scene in The Two Towers Aragorn (played by Viggo Mortensen) comes across some burning bodies which he thinks are Hobbits. Peter Jackson, the film's director, suggested that Mortensen kick one of the helmets in frustration.

"On the fifth take, Viggo kicked the helmet, screamed, clenched his fists and dropped to his knees," Jackson recalled. "I thought he was just doing some powerful acting. But then I noticed after I said 'cut' that he wasn't saying anything. Finally, he did the next scene limping."

With the scene out of the way, Jackson had Mortensen take off his boot: "His toes were broken. Normally, an actor would yell 'ow' if they hurt themselves, and stop the scene. Viggo turned a broken toe into a performance that's a great moment in the film..."

[After losing a tooth in a fight sequence for The Fellowship of the Ring, Mortensen simply called for superglue so he could stick it back in and continue filming. When Jackson insisted on sending him to a dentist, Viggo reluctantly agreed and was back in action later that day. Indeed, he was so engrossed in his role that Jackson once addressed him as Aragorn for half an hour, and he did not even notice.]

[The large murals seen in A Perfect Murder were painted by Viggo Mortensen.]

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