Murder in Clubland

In 1996, party promoter Michael Alig and his fellow club kids murdered a small-time drug dealer named Angel Melendez. In Disco Bloodbath, James St. James explained one reason they were caught:

"A bargain was struck: Freeze would go to Macy's and buy the cutlery required to dispose of the remains. He would also provide Michael with enough heroin to do the job.

"'F--- you, Freeze,' Michael said, as he inhaled an unprecedented ten bags of heroin, 'I hope I overdose and die and then you have two bodies on your hands. I hate you for making me do this.'

"Fortified by a warm blanket of dope, and swept up in a B-movie fantasy, he takes to his task like Leatherface at Thanksgiving...

"After both bags of legs sank nicely to the bottom, they tossed in the box. But, of course -- oh, those wacky club kids -- comedy ensues when they realize the trunk was lined with cork. They couldn't do anything except watch as Angel floated off to his sweet reward."

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