Como Estas?

"Star Wars movies are passport-intensive. Attack of the Clones was filmed in Italy, Tunisia, London, Sydney, and Spain... Natalie Portman started the movie at 19, a grown-up professional.

"'It was one of the most fun movie experiences of my life,' she recalled. She brought along people from home ("so I'd have built-in girlfriends") and swam in Lake Como -- and picked up a lingering ear infection through the colorful European tradition of dumping untreated sewage.

"Back home, her doctor's first question was 'Did you swim in Lake Como?'"

[In Attack of the Clones, the 24-year-old Amidala falls for the 20-year-old Anakin Skywalker, whom she first knew as a 9-year-old. "So I'm the cradle-robber," Portman once joked. "I'm the pedophile in this case."]

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