Al Gore: Weekends Free

In December 2002, Al Gore gave a much-lauded performance as the host of "Saturday Night Live".

"The good news about not being president is that I have my weekends free," he announced in the opening monologue. "The bad news is that my weekdays are also free."

(Gore's best line about "losing" the election in 2000? "America's a land of opportunity," he joked, "where every little boy and girl has a chance to grow up and win the popular vote.")

[In one sketch Gore played the role of the beleaguered Senate majority leader, Trent Lott. He didn't support Strom Thurmond because the centenarian was a segregationist, he explained. He supported him because he believed that blacks and whites should be kept apart. He also apologised if his remarks had come across as racially insensitive: "I meant no disrespect," he explained, "to any white people!"]

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