Done Deal?

After the succcess of Last Splash, the Breeders and their various collaborators spent much of the 1990s trying to put together another record. It became a running joke in the industry, a phantom record that kept showing up on their label's schedule of new releases. The primary problem? Finding a drummer who was acceptable to Kim Deal, a notorious perfectionist:

"Days before they were scheduled to go back to another SoHo recording studio with yet another drummer, Kim Deal disappeared... After a week of looking for Deal, the band tracked her down at her Nantucket home.


[Some time later] a frustrated producer [sarcastically] told Kim that if she was so fixated on a perfect drum sound she ought to learn how to play the instrument herself. She promptly moved back to Dayton and did that."

[One drummer, according to engineer John Agnello, "hung out with her for a half an hour and said: 'You know what? I've gotta go run some errands.' And then just never came back."]

[While recording at Avatar Studio, the former Power Station, in an episode now legendary among New York's assistant engineers, Deal spent an entire day fussing over a 'click track' -- basically a recording of a metronome that plays in the musicians' headphones but is removed from the final mix.]

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