In the Can

"You know, Orson Welles once said to me..." Peter Bogdanovich once recalled. "We were sitting there and he says, 'You know the terrible thing about movies is they're canned.' I said, 'What?'... 'They're canned! They come in cans!'"

["We both broke up, but I started thinking about that," Bogdanovich added. "They are canned. But when do you can something? Well, you try to can it at its maximum freshness." (To keep things fresh Bogdanovich often suggested that his actors improvise, keeping the script fluid: "It's a little nerve-racking, but it does help the final result.")]

[Despite the opulence of its setting and the authenticity of its period detail, The Cat's Meow was produced under severe budget constraints: Bogdanovich literally could not afford to shoot anything he didn't use.]

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