Paul McCartney: Vegetables

One morning in Los Angeles, "Beatles Breakfast Show" DJ Chris Carter asked listeners the following question: "What Beach Boys' song does Paul McCartney appear on, eating a carrot?"

Dozens of callers phoned in with wrong answers before someone finally called in and correctly replied, "Vegetables!" The caller? Sir Paul McCartney, of course. His prize? A radio phone and a bag of goodies, all signed by... Sir Paul McCartney.

[McCartney asked the DJ to play "Here Today" (a song from his album Tug Of War dedicated to John Lennon), told the DJs to keep up the good work, and suggested that his prizes be given away to someone else.]

[In 2003, the Times published three lists of the ten best pop-music albums. No title appeared on all three lists; three appeared on two lists, leaving twenty-seven top-ten albums. The Washington Post ran four lists of the ten best pop albums. Total number of albums named? Thirty-eight.]

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