Wandering Mind

"One day

[Isaac Newton] was sent to Grantham on business, a chore he always liked because he could drop in on his old friend the druggist, and spend the afternoon ogling the chemicals bottles.

"On his way home from town, he dismounted his horse so it could have a rest, and walked along leading it by its bridle. As always his mind wandered. Perhaps he was thinking about the four wheel carriage he'd just built or the system of shorthand he'd created or maybe he was just watching the sunlight on the grass and wondering what made the grass green.

"...miles and hours later he arrived at home not even aware that the horse had long ago slipped out of its bridle and he had walked the whole way back, alone."

[One of Newton's college notebooks contains (in addition to entries for "a magnet, 16s.;" "compasses, 2s.;" "glass bubbles, 4s.;" and "Philosophical Intelligences, 9s. 6d.") such entries as "at the tavern several times, ?1" and "lost at cards twice, 15s."]

[Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin.]

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