Popular Wading

While traveling in Portugal one year, Marc Connelly, on a lark, began traveling with an official delegation of American journalists. When, at a formal dinner, each member was asked by the Portuguese hosts to say a few words about the publication he represented, many of the touring Americans -- aware of Connelly's ruse -- wondered how he would negotiate this potentially embarrassing situation.

When his turn came, Connelly nonchalantly rose, announced his name, and began speaking: "I am editor of Popular Wading, the magazine of shallow water sports," he said -- and proceeded to deliver a fifteen-minute address on the imaginary publication, praising its editorial policy and lambasting the rival magazine True Wading, which, he explained, catered only to "those sports reaching the ankle."

[When he sat down, the touring press group honored him with an enthusiastic ovation; the Portuguese maintained a bemused silence.]

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