Conrad Dobler was famed for his aggressive play and merciless tackles. "One game, I knocked the crap out of Merlin Olsen," he once recalled. "If you wanted to see it on instant replay, you had to go to the kitchen because I knocked him so far out of the TV frame.

"After the game, he says, 'One of these days, someone's going to break Dobler's neck, and I'm not going to send any flowers.' What happens? He gets the $500,000 FTD commercial, and I don't get s---. He goes to the Pro Bowl fourteen times. He's in the Hall of Fame. He's probably got more money than God.

"When he was doing Father Murphy on NBC, he had a graveyard scene. One of the tombs said: CONRAD DOBLER. GONE, BUT NOT FORGIVEN. It's been twenty years since I played him, and I'm still on his f---ing mind. And I like that!"

[Dobler once wrote a book defending his good name. Its title? "They Call Me Dirty"!]

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