One day DeForest Kelley, famed for his role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy on "Star Trek," received a memorable fan letter.

Enclosed was a picture of a "delightful young girl" and a marijuana cigarette taped to a piece of cardboard. "You have turned me on so many times," she explained, "I thought I would return the favor!"

["Scientists have invented a marijuana suppository," Jay Leno reported in March 2000. "Now you can smoke pot and have a crack problem. They'll call it Maui Owee. You get an uncontrollable urge to sit on a Twinkie. Talk about a cigarette butt! Pass gas and the whole room gets high. At least friends won't nag you to pass it around. And if a woman is squirming in her seat you don't know whether she's adjusting her thong or her bong!"]

[Due to pressure from Star Trek fans, the name of the first space shuttle was changed from Constitution (in honor of the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution) to Enterprise.]

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