Filippo Marinetti: Futurist Cuisine

"In 1930, [the Futurist poet Filippo] Marinetti wrote a manifesto on Futurist cuisine, demanding a new form of nutrition for the new Italian man. Eventually, he wrote, this diet might consist entirely of pills, thus minimizing the distraction from the pursuit of military glory; for now, it could take the form of a chicken stuffed with ball bearings, meant not to be eaten but to flavor the meat with the fortifying taste of steel..."

[Among other Futurist recipes? "The Excited Pig" -- a salami propped upright in a puddle of black coffee and cologne -- and a dish comprising watermelon, radicchio, cheeses, caviar, figs, and cookies, "arranged neatly on a large bed of mozzarella, to be eaten, eyes closed, letting one's hands wander here and there, while the great painter and words-in-liberty poet Depero recites his famous song, 'Jacopson.'"]

[In the "Futurist Manifesto of the Italian Hat," Filippo Marinetti suggested that Italians wear hats made with such materials as cork, glass, sponge, and neon tubing.]

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