During the production of The Goonies, director Dick Donner made a concerted effort to make Josh Brolin and his young co-satrs feel comfortable on the set.

Having become very close to the cast, however, Donner was surprised to find them growing distant during the last days of filming. He wondered what he had done to offend them. Was he stressed out? Was he working too hard? After the wrap, he embarked on a well-deserved vacation in Hawaii...

Shortly after his arrival on the island, he was surprised to see Brolin strolling toward him, with a surfboard in hand. What a coincidence, he thought. What was Brolin doing in Hawaii?

He was in fact a decoy: Suddenly, the entire cast appeared from the opposite direction. Speilberg had paid for everyone to come as a surprise for Donner -- but had warned that the deal was off if Donner found out...

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