Love me Tender?

While widely admired for his business acumen, Frank Perdue (founder of Perdue Farms) was less widely admired by animal activists. (Witness such headlines as "Frank Perdue Now Available as a Voodoo Doll" and "Bad Man Honored in Brainless Statue.")

Perdue's Spanish-speaking critics where delighted one year by the appearance of a new advertising campaign, in the English version of which Frank proudly declared that: "It Takes a Tough Man to Make a Tender Chicken." The Spanish translation? "It Takes a Sexually Stimulated Man to Make a Chicken Affectionate."

[Perdue's was hardly the first campaign to elicit peals of Spanish laughter:
* PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was dismayed to learn that its "Dump Dairy" slogan translated as "Eche la leche" -- Spanish slang for "Discharge sperm..."
* Colgate learned that "Colgate," loosely translated, means "go hang yourself."
* General Motors discovered too late that "Nova" literally means "Doesn't go" in Spanish
* Coors encouraged its English-speaking customers to "Turn It Loose" -- which, in Spanish, means "Suffer from Diarrhea"
* Because the Spanish word for beer (cerveza) has a feminine ending, Budweiser became known to Spanish drinkers as "The Queen of Beers"
* Eastern Airlines' famous claim -- "We Earn Our Wings Daily" -- evokes a final destination -- in heaven, and
* Braniff once beckoned its passengers to "Fly in Leather" -- which, for Spanish speakers, became an invitation to "Fly Naked."]

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