Frank Lloyd Wrong

In 1937, Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned by an industrialist named Hibbard Johnson to build his new Wisconsin home.

One rainy evening some time later, Johnson, entertaining several distinguished guests, was dismayed to find water seeping through the ceiling above his chair and dripping directly onto his head.

The angry host immediately called Wright in Phoenix, Arizona: "Frank," he complained, "you built this beautiful house for me and we enjoy it very much. But I have told you the roof leaks, and right now I am with some friends and distinguished guests and it is leaking right on top of my head!"

Wright's reply was overheard by the entire party: "Well, Hib, why don't you move your chair?"

[Why is Wisconsin called the Badger State? "Badger" was the nickname given to Wisconsin's early miners -- Cornish immigrants who worked underground in lead mines and, like badgers, dug caves in hillsides to survive the coldest winter months.]

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