Warm Gesture

"Late in his career, [pitcher] Don Sutton was often accused of scuffing. In 1978 he was ejected and suspended 10 days for defacing the ball, but when he threatened to sue the National League, he was let off. Was teammates with Gaylord Perry for a while. 'He gave me a tube of Vaseline,' joked Sutton. 'I thanked him and gave him a piece of sandpaper.'

"Umpires took the allegations seriously, and sometimes gave him a good going over. Once, he left a note inside his glove for the men in black. It said, 'You're getting warm, but it's not here!'"

["I don't throw a spitter," Lew Burdette once dubiously declared, "but I can teach you how to throw one since you asked."]

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