Blaine Generosity

"One afternoon, [famed magician David Blaine] walks me through the Village in a light rain. At one corner, we bump into a homeless dwarf. His face is dirty, and when he startles in recognition at Blaine, he shows off the stumps of missing teeth.

"'You're -- you're that magician guy.'

"'How you doing?' Blaine is as affectionate as if they've known each other for years.

"'Can you do something for me?'

"'Uh, sure,' Blaine looks around, he looks at me, he looks back at the dwarf. 'Do you have any spare change?'

"The guy is confused, but then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a dollar. Blaine shows him how to squeeze his hand over the bill, tightly, crunching it.

"'Squeeze tighter. Tighter. Now blow on it.'

"'Open it.'

"The dwarf opens his hand. There's a $100 bill inside!

"Seeing it close-up, the switch occurring completely invisibly not two feet from my face, is astonishing. I'm speechless; the man is speechless. This is Blaine at his best: performing magic for someone whose life is brightened, perhaps changed, by it.

"Blaine turns and is halfway down the street before the dwarf's exclamations even start. And they continue -- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!' -- as we disappear into the garage where his car is waiting."

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