Cruikshank's Farmer

"Homer Watson's home at Doon in the heart of the beautiful pastoral country of Western Ontario has for many years been a meeting place for artists. One summer [the Canadian artist William Cruikshank] and the brilliant landscape painter Carl Ahrens were Watson's guests, and on a fine day were proceeding along a country road and arguing about art. The eyes of the three were fascinated by the sight of a farmer plowing in a perfect setting for a picture. 'Cruik' began to rhapsodize in this wise: 'Look at yon man! He is a man of sense! He is not worrying about art! He is thinking of his land, and of the harvest he will reap. He is a useful man -- the true citizen.' The farmer just then reached the end of his furrow and waited to talk to the pedestrians. As they came up he said in German accents: 'Say, wouldn't it be fine if Doon could get a brass band?' 'Cruik' walked on in a brown study and after several moments ejaculated mournfuIly: 'Yon man was a damn fool after all!'"
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