Golfing for Cats

Famed British humorist Alan Coren was once advised that anyone seeking to draw the attention of the book-buying public should write about cats, golf or Nazis.

Coren promptly published a collection of essays entitled Golfing for Cats. Its cover? A picture of a cat in a Nazi uniform wielding a putter.

["Part of the difficulty in socializing cats," write Suzanne Hetts and Daniel Estep in The Rocky Mountain News, "is that the sensitive period for socialization occurs much earlier than it does for dogs -- between two and seven weeks of age. By the time most people acquire kittens, the window of opportunity when cats most readily form social attachments and learn to adapt to change is beginning to close. This doesn't mean things are hopeless, however. A friend of ours socialized his cats to go camping and fishing with him."]

[Golf was invented in Scotland and enjoyed by the nobility as early as the 15th Century. According to legend, its name derives from an acronym -- for "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden."]

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