Chameleon Producer

One day in 2002, Ian Parker visited famed Broadway producer Daryl Roth in her Manhattan office:


[It] feels like the room marker 'Study' in a rock star's mansion. Several awards and nominations hang on the wall. There is a fine wooden desk that Roth calls 'too pretty' to put a computer on, as well as scores of family photos and a sofa with needlepoint cusions, including one that reads, 'If Life's a Stage, I'd Like Better Lighting.'

"The walls are beige, and so are the carpets. Roth was wearing beige pants and a beige sweater that were roughly the same color as her skin and hair. She was visible only when she made sudden movements."

[A homey producer, Roth made a practice of collecting stones from the beach near her home in East Hampton before each Tony Awards ceremony, inscribing them with such calming words as "Peace" and "Joy," and handing them to collaborators to calm their nerves. She also put her dogs' names in the Playbills and dedicated a bench to them in Central Park.]

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