White Trash Curry Kick

In February 2003, performance artist Andre Stitt cancelled a planned performance of "White Trash Curry Kick" -- a piece consisting of the artist (clad in silver platform boots) kicking an empty take-away curry carton up and down Bedford High Street to "focus on contentious socio-political issues, oppression, isolation and the experience of alienation."

Why the cancellation? Many observers were outraged to learn that the series of nine public art events of which "White Trash Curry Kick" was a central part was costing ?12,000 -- in taxpayers money!

[Stitt received ?2,500 from Commissions East, ?2,500 from the Arts Council of Wales and ?7,200 from East of England Arts. Among the other events? Stitt locking himself in a derelict house and remodelling it using stuffed preserved albino animals, crematorium ash cans, vinyl lettering and talcum powder.]

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