Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Shortly after her wedding in December 2001, Ashley Judd contacted Sandra Bullock (with whom she had co-starred in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) to share the news:

"She was really funny," Judd recalled, "because I sent her an email and I said, 'You know I got married.' And she said, 'Yeah I know. I was your maid of honor.' I just tell everybody I was too drunk to remember anything."

The mischievous Bullock later confessed that she had not in fact been Judd's maid of honor after all.

[Bullock also had some fun with Hugh Grant on the Ya-Ya set: "Seeing how we're married and I'm two months pregnant with his child," she declared, "I guess I'll be seeing him a lot more than I want to."]

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